Reese’s Christmas List

So, what’s on Reese’s Christmas List this year…

The most important item I was looking into purchasing was this–

Kid Way Gait Trainer

Truth–I broke down crying when I was suggested that I should look into getting Reese one of these.  So many things went thru my head–huge equipment, she is not going to walk, screams special needs… However, if it’s going to help her learn to walk–I’m game.  Thank goodness Reese’s physical therapist wasn’t the first one to mention this to me because I’ve broken down on her enough… I’m sure she was thankful I held my composure when she suggested a gait trainer.  We believe this is going to be covered thru some of the services Reese is receiving, which would truly be a blessing since this would cost approx $2,500.

Chewy Tubes with handles–good for sensory

Sensory Balls

Time to start cleaning teeth and the electric toothbrush is good for sensory as well…

Ball Pit fit for a princess–more sensory activity…

Of course, Reese will need a cute UK outfit!

Lastly, I will probably get Reese a baby doll–what’s a Christmas without a baby doll!

I never thought I would have to ask the therapists what would be ideal toys for Reese for Christmas.  We want to get her things that will help her develop and met her full potential.  Getting Reese just any toy isn’t ideal because she has a tons and doesn’t even play with them.  Reese loves to read and we have tons of books.  Reese also loves music so I am looking for a musical/sensory toy–therapist is suppose to send me some ideas.

My mom likes to get the grandchildren 3 gifts–like the 3 Wise Men… so, I picked these items…


Engraved Silver Brush and Comb Set

To match her pink North Face Jacket

Baby Einstein Aquarium–has lights and music!

Others have asked what they can get Reese, which is so nice because we can give them suggestions that would beneficial for Reese.

Barney DVD–Raindrops

Baby Neck Float used for therapy


Johnson and Johnson Product

Aveeno Baby Product: Especially the Eczema because Reese’s back gets very dry

Owl Mat that we can use for tummy time

and lastly, nothing that she needs but Mommy loves…

Matilda Jane gift cards for her spring/summer wardrobe!

We must remember the real reason for the Season and that is Christ the Lord! Luke 2:9-14

One thought on “Reese’s Christmas List

  1. What a beautiful blessing it is to be a mother. My prayers are with you and little Reese. May the healing power of God touch you both in many special ways this season we celebrate our Savior, and Healer’s birth.

    God bless,

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