Sharing Words

I wanted to share a blog post from another mother that has a beautiful daughter with the same genetic disorder as Reese.  When I was at my lowest my mother emailed her asking to reach out to me.  Laura was truly a blessing during that time emailing me and just knowing there was someone else that had/was experiencing such struggles having a daughter with a rare genetic disorder.

Anna & Essie: Finding Strength Within Yourself

A few things in her post that really hit home to me were:

“You don’t have a choice but to be strong. You either get strong or you break”–I didn’t choose to be this strong advocate for a special needs child but I am because I want the very best for Reese.  I know Reese is depending on me… and to what extent I advocate for her will determine her quality of life!

“I also think that if she’s not fully healed and restored that she is STILL a testimony to God’s miracle working power”–WOW!  I believe this to be true for Reese as well!  Reese brings so much joy with her smile and perseverance for life.  Quit frankly she humbles me and puts me on my knees.  When I think of why me God… she smiles… when I think will she ever really communicate with me… she laughs out loud…. when I think does she know what’s going on… she responds…

“If I focus on tomorrow, I’m not okay with today”–this is so true for me because I begin to worry what Reese will be like in 5 years…. will she be mobile, will I be able to physically take care of her if she doesn’t walk, will she talk, will she ever go to a sleepover with other girls…. you can see this list can go on and on and really break you down.

“…we just don’t think of ourselves as a special needs family all the time. We’re just a family…who happens to have a special needs child”–I pray that I can get to this point one day.  I’m not there yet… as I’m working on a blog post now titled “Reminder” but with Laura’s words it gives me hope that I to will achieve this one day!

I have this scripture attached to my computer monitor at work:

I praise you because Reese is fearfully and wonderfully made!   Psalm 139:14