Girls Night

Reese and mommy are currently at Kosair’s Children’s Hospital for a 24 hour observation with neurology.  When Reese get’s really excited she does an “odd” activity with her eyes/hands… not really sure how else to explain the activity.  Neurology (Dr. Puri) just want to rule out any possibility of seizure activity.  The research that has been presented to us and that we have read ourselves is really 50/50 whether or not children with XQ28 duplication have seizures.  Generally, if they do–they will develop when the child is somewhat older–not fitting the 1 year old profile of Reese.  However, we just want to rule out the possibility and praying for a good report!  Therefore, Reese and I have decided this is girls night!

On our way for observation (1st time in my Big Girl Seat)

I was so worn out after they wrapped my head up like a football player!

Of course, I woke up after mommy laid me down!

Let Girls Night begin!

We know God is in control of the outcome and we praise him for today and for our precious gift–Reese McClain Nichols!

And my God will meet your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus–Philippians 4:19

5 thoughts on “Girls Night

  1. I love that big girl in her new big girl car seat! Hoping that you all have a “fun” girls night..and that everything comes back okay! I bet there will be lots of snuggles tonight! =) love ya!

  2. Lovin’ the helmet!!! I thought you would have rocked a big flower or bow on it by now!! Don’t tell me your slipping!!!… Praying for good results!!!

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