Meeting Needs

When I found out that Reese had XQ28 duplication I researched extensively just trying to find answer and hope.  Kyle actually came across the blog and we felt like we had finally found someone who could shed some light on our journey.  My mom was the one who finally emailed Laura and asked her to email me for support. Laura is an amazing mother of 2 beautiful little girls: Anna (who has XQ28 duplication) and Essie.  I share their blog so that you may also get to know Laura, Anna and Essie.  It was during that “dark” time where I needed all the help I could get and Laura came along beside me by sharing the things that Anna does and the timing of those things. However, all children with genetic disorders may or may not progress the same but it still brings comfort to know that someone else has a story and is willing to share and encourage mommy’s like me.

So, what is Reese doing…

Puts weight in her legs
Will stand with her arms on my knees for a minute to 2 minutes
Rolls over well from back to belly, belly to back
Pushes up when on belly thru arms for seconds–working for a longer time frame
Can sit unassisted for 15-20 minutes (however, doesn’t catch herself going backwards yet)
Reaches for toys
Holds toys
Brings toy to mouth
Coos all the time
Smiles at herself in the mirror
Starting to have some separation anxiety with daddy–which we love
Eating stage 2 baby food and some stage 3

Reese Loves..

To have books read to her
Have her mommy put her to bed
Kisses and hugs from anyone
Cuddles in the morning before we do anything else–LOVE, LOVE this
Swing–her Papaw got her this swing and it’s her favorite thing to do!
Watch Baby Einstein but only for 20 minutes at a time then it’s over
Go strolling when the weather isn’t too hot

Who’s involved in Reese’s care:

Weisskopf Center – (Genetics Doctor)–yearly now unless we have questions
Pulmonologist (Lung Doctor)
Cardiologist (Heart Doctor)
Neurologist (Brain Doctor)
Physical/Occupational/Speech therapists
Sproutlings–Medical Fragile Daycare
Julie Lanham–AMAZING sitter

We have been blessed with the people in our lives that provide words of encouragement and excellent care for Reese.  God’s people are good!

and my God will meet all your needs according to his riches of his glory in Christ Jesus–Philippians 4:19

2 thoughts on “Meeting Needs

  1. She has come so far because of all the love and prayers she gets daily. so blessed to be in her life she is a true gift on loan from God. I count my blessings everyday that Reese is ours.Kisses from Grandmother

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