Journey with a Special Needs Child

A very dear friend of mine sent me the link to this sermon a while back but I just recently had the opportunity to watch–WOW!  I hope you take the time to listen to this sermon because I think everyone could find something valuable from God’s word.

Willow Creek [New Lenses: Journey with a Special Needs Child]

I will share that he mentions parents of special needs children feel that their child will be invisible to this world.  I have to say that is one of my fears for Reese McClain.  You hear of parents worrying, complaining about all the activities their child is involved with or how they hope their child gets this or that scholarship/job/position–the list goes on and on.  I sit there thinking–I wonder if Reese McClain will even be noticed in this world, will she have a purpose.  Then I slap myself back into reality and realize that all those are “worldly views” and those that the world sees as least is who God sees as most.

Reese McClain cannot communicate “I love you mommy” or “I love you daddy” but I know when I say “Reese McClain do you love your mommy” and her face lights up, she smiles and let’s me kiss her face off–she does love me!  I’m slowing learning that the value of a person has nothing to do with our ability but our heart/relationship with Christ. When the world tells you “perfection” is what is desired it’s really hard to see imperfection as perfection–but I believe that is what God wants us to do.

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