Happy Easter

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Love this picture of Ruby & Reese because Reese is looking at Ruby like what are you doing in my chair!  It was either Ruby or Reese crying on Sunday… they are my two precious little girls!
Love them both so much!

photo (16)

Please continue to pray for my grandmother (Judy) she is battling pancreatic cancer.
She has A LOT to do with the woman I have become–strong, determined, independent … this list could go on for days!

The Easter Story.
Mark 14–The Last Supper
Mark 15–Jesus is Crucified
Mark 16–Jesus is Risen!

I am charged guilty with sometimes becoming consumed with the secular world’s Easter and not the TRUE meaning of Easter.  Reese’s Uncle Chase and girlfriend Whitney got Reese a book that tells the true story of Easter!  I was so thankful to have that and read with Reese because it was a good reminder to me as well.  You can’t avoid the word Death at Easter… are you ready?  I cannot wait to walk the streets of pearls and gold–kissing the feet of my heavenly father!

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Hi, I tried contacting through facebook but I think it got filtered into the junk mail. My name is Melinda and my daughter has a Xq22-q28. Let me know if you get this, would love to connect with you.

  2. Never trurer words were ever spoken, We must remember what God has given us and what we have given him. let him lead the way and we will follow, I love you all so much.I hope you all will always love each other. grandmother

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