Quick update and Reese will be on TV!

Just a quick update. Yesterday Reese was released from the hospital, so it was only a one night stay for observation. They wanted to avoid dehydration and aspiration of her lungs. So far, her lungs are clear and she’s eating well. They sent her home on a strong 3 day regiment of steroids. She’s been on these steroids before and when she is, watch out! She has super energy, she grows more, and she eats so much we can barely keep her full. Reese has almost always slept through the night, but when she’s on steroids, she wakes up in the middle of the night for another bottle. Thankfully, we’re only on the steroids for a few days.

Also, today at 4pm, our family will be featured on WHAS11 News for a story about our journey. A few weeks ago they filmed her at her medical daycare, Sproutlings, and then they came to our home for an interview. They also did an interview with her neurologist, Dr Puri. So we’re excited to see how it turned out and hopefully it will be online soon so we may share with everyone on here.
Later this week we’ll have an update from Elizabeth on where Reese stands developmentally and maybe some fun pictures are coming too. Once again, we appreciate everyone’s prayers! Now we can focus on Reese’s 1st birthday this Wednesday!

9 thoughts on “Quick update and Reese will be on TV!

  1. Hello! I just saw your video on tv. We are local 🙂 we go to the same neuro office. I just wanted to reach out to you. My daughter, Emily, has infantile spasms with no known cause. They think it’s a genetic issue but none has been found so far. I had a blog but haven’t wrote in it for a while. I keep up a fb page for her https://www.facebook.com/pages/For-the-love-of-Emily/365099180170471?ref=hl
    Your little girl is beautiful and I pray for our family!

    1. Erica~
      Thank you so much for posting! I liked your page on facebook–Emily is adorable! We will keep your little girl in our prayers!

  2. I wanted to let you, we may not have the same thing, but me and my children have been affected by rare, not known medical problems. I wanted to show you support and will pass on the story to my Dysautonomia, PPCM, and other invisible illnesses groups. There may be some in there somewhere that may benefit from this. There is hope and even though it may seem like it is rare, it is probably not as rare as you think. Prayers are being sent your way, and there are lots of people that are willing to give you the spiritual and mental support. There can and are miracles in medicine.

  3. I am delighted to know Reese is home. My condolences to the parents for the three forthcoming sleepless nights 🙂

    Lots of thoughts and prayers…
    Joanna Chamberlain

  4. My sister, Shelley told me about your blog and I wanted to let you know that I will be following and praying for your sweet daughter. She is a beautiful little girl and it seems like she has two fabulous parents to help meet her needs. It is also a wonderful thing that you live close to a great hospital. I use to work in surgery at KCH, so it is near to my heart. Happy 1st birthday to Reese! What a special milestone:)

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