Back in the Hospital

We’re in the Emergency Room at Kosairs and they’re going to admit our little one for a viral infection. She’s running a pretty good fever and is very uncomfortable. Right now they don’t think it’s pneumonia but they want to observe her and rule out all possibilities. Say some prayers! We’ll keep you updated through this blog.

Saturday evening:  Reese has a viral infection in her lungs.  They are monitoring her–she seems to be getting better.  We are praying that she gets to come home tomorrow (Sunday, July 22nd).  We truly appreciate everyone’s prayers.


3 thoughts on “Back in the Hospital

  1. hey my name is misty and just wanted to let u know i feel ur pain to some point anyways my daughter who is a twin is now 10 months old and weighs only 11lbs she also requires oxygen on a daily basis she is not gaining wieght the way she should and i still have no answers as to why she is going to genetics here in louisville on the 2nd of augest and we just hope we get answers then she also eats via g-tube because of asperation she has chronic lung disise and ashma she takes breathing treatments daily . she was born 13 weeks early and its been a sruggle ever since i wonder the same things every day will she ever walk , will she always need to be cared for .every time she gets a simple virus she ends up in koseir it just makes it a little easier to know there r others out there going through some of the same struggles i wish u guys well and will always keep reese in my prayers

    1. I’m sorry Misty that you have to experience any pain with a sick child. Reese and I pray every night for all the other sick children… May God give you strength.

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