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Reese McClain completed her first week of 3 year old preschool!  We are so thankful for her preschool and how well the transition is going for Reese McClain.  She attends three days a week for three hours each day.  The Carriage House accommodates special needs children and typical children in the same classroom. Carriage House mission: is a non-profit preschool program dedicated to the belief that children of all abilities can learn and make progress in an environment that is stimulating and nurturing, where individual differences are respected and celebrated.  

2 thoughts on “Preschool

  1. Elizabeth,

    Reese is absolutely beautiful! I am writing to you because my son is 11 weeks old and has just been diagnosed with Xq28 duplication. As you know, there are hundreds of emotions going through my head right now. So many questions I have. I came across your blog and I was wondering if you would e-mail me sometime? I know every child will be different with their needs but I thought maybe you could answer some questions I have? I will put my e-mail in the link below but if for some reason you don’t see it let me know and I will post it on the blog, thank you!

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